Just from the way the Pacers & Heat played each other last year in the playoffs, you knew this series would eventually be full of some trash talk. It didn’t take long either! After the Pacers game 1 loss to Miami 103-102, with Lebron hitting the game winning lay up, Pacers center Roy Hibbert took to twitter ( of course ) to air his frustrations with the Heat and they “dirty” way they play. Some talking during the playoffs always makes a series more interesting. See what he said after the jump.


Most of Hibbert’s beef seems to be with Shane Battier, who has earned a reputation of being somewhat of a dirty player over the years. Hibbert took it personal with the way Battier would drive to the rim. He felt he was purposely putting his knee up to hit Hibbert in the stomach and groin area, which when it comes to Battier seems about right. Battier also seemed to throw an elbow at another Pacers player, and was involved in a few minor scuffles during the game. “U can knee or kick me every time u drive 2the rim. I’ll be there 2protect the rim. That wasn’t inadvertent. Battier knew what he was doing,” Hibbert wrote on Twitter. I have to agree with Roy 100%. Battier is the type of player to try and get in your head and cheat a little bit to frustrate you and get you off your game. Game 2 is tonight, I expect it to be even more physical.