Amanda Bynes & Rihanna back in the day

The latest in the wacky world of Amanda Bynes is POSSIBLY settling the beef that she created with Rihanna earlier this week. In one of her many infamous Twitter rants, Amanda had called out the Bajan beauty (completely unprovoked), saying Chris Brown had beat her because she’s ugly and a slew of other horrible comments. Rih quickly shot back with a subtweet, saying, “You see what happens when they cancel Intervention?” Amanda then backtracked, saying her followers had created fake tweets and that she loves Rihanna and they’ll probably be in a video together one day. (Right, LOL…) No reply on Rih’s end from there, so last night, Amanda tried again. The troubled actress took to her Twitter account to share what she says is a mocked-up image of her and Rih (though it looks pretty real to me, but whatever), saying she loves Rihanna and that she’s a beauty. She then followed up with a tweet about herself, which Rihanna RT’d. But question is, did Rih RT it to poke fun at Amanda, or to co-sign her/show love? Check it out in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

Marisa Mendez