Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj in 2008

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj stopped by Hot 97 to squash the almost year-old issue she had with morning show host Peter Rosenberg. After the pair ironed out the beef, the sit-down became an interview, with Nicki discussing new music, the film she’s working on…and who her favorite female MC’s are. Despite their long-standing feud, Nicki named Lil Kim as one of her favorites (along with Foxy, Remy Ma, Lauryn Hill and Missy), but apparently Lil Kim and her loyal fans aren’t believing her. Kim RT’d a few of her followers that said they think Nicki is full of it and “just using Kim for press,” but my question is…how is she lying? Nicki has ALWAYS stated that Kim was one of her biggest influencers and favorite artists growing up, and you can’t change the past in spite of current issues! Even when I interviewed Nicki way back in 09, she cited the very same ladies as her influences. It would be dope if these ladies could just put the issue behind them now. Seems Nicki is past it, and hopefully Kim is too! I can’t see them making music together any time soon, but being cordial would be a cool start! What do you think?

Marisa Mendez