Justin Bieber

Oh No! The Biebz loves the ladies but the ladies (and girls) seem to love him even more! The 19-year-old pop-sensation has been hit with yet another paternity claim. This is the SECOND baby claim Justin has been accused of within the past two years. Hit the jump to see what’s going on with Bieber’s “supposed” baby mama drama now!

The first fake “Biebz baby mama” was Mariah Yeater, a true FANATIC for the pop-singer. Yeater tried to sue Justin after alleging that he “impregnated her” after he slept with her backstage at one of his concerts. GROUPIE ALERT! However, those accusations were proven to be false. Now the second alleged Bieber baby mom is a 25-year-old unnamed female. Apparently, she met Bieber at a TGI Friday’s restaurant in Miami. The woman is saying they had a one-night stand after and BOOM–out came “Baby Bieber.” According to a source, the woman’s child, which was born in 2010, “does look a lot like Justin did at the same age.” DAMN! Who knew Bieber got it in like that? (And with older women, too!) Who knows if any of this is even true, though. POOR KID!

I wonder what Selena Gomez has to say about all of Biebz’ “Baby Mama Drama?”