When you’re a musical legend, whenever you decide to release new music, even after decade long hiatus, people are going to be intrigued with what you have to say. So when Lauryn Hill dropped “Neurotic Society” earlier this month everyone’s ears perked up. Once people were able to dissect her spit fire delivery and get to the lyrics, many took offense, calling them homophobic and intolerant.

Some of the lyrics read as follows:

Commerce and girl men
Run the whole world men
Bold, drunken debauchery
Old world brutality
Cold world killed softly
Whole world run savagely
Greedy men and pride fiends
Program TV screens
Quick scam and drag queens
Real life’s been blasphemed

The song, Lauryn claimed, was a way to alarm people about what will happen when neurotic behaviors like “self-indulgence, religious apathy, capitalism and “social gluttony,” remained unchecked.
But people, especially those in the LGBT community argued that Lauryn wrote the song to spread a message of hate. Lauryn addressed those rumors today on her Tumblr Page in an open letter.

What do you make of Lauryn’s explanation?