He didn’t get ejected for his dirty tactic during game 5 against the Pacers, but I bet Chris Andersen AKA Birdman is wishing he probably did. If the refs ejected him from that game, maybe the NBA would not of stepped in and suspended him for tonight’s game 6. Everyone by now I am sure saw Birdman hit Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough with a cheap shot while they ran down the court and then made it worse by trying to confront Hansbrough after. Problem was Hansbrough never did anything to Birdman to get that kind of reaction. Check out the altercation HERE. The refs gave him a flagrant foul, but did not eject him. Apparently commissioner David Stern didn’t think that was good enough and sent down the orders like the Napoleonic ruler he did. Some of you may not think missing Birdman is a big deal, but he has been contributing to the Heat all series in different types of ways. Could wind up biting them in the ass. Check the video after the jump.