Mars Rat
Well, this is pretty crazy. After some hard-core researching by space buffs, they perhaps have been the first to discover life on Mars. Well technically the Curiosity rover found it. But they did point it out. Keep reading to find out what this mysterious life form was.

After Curiosity took a photo of the “Rocknest” site in September 2012, space buff Scott C. Waring looked a little closer. Upon zooming in on a particular area, he found what appeared to be a Mars rat scurrying between rocks. While it does look exactly like a squirrel, rat or rodent, this phenomenon is known as pareidolia.

In other words, people sometimes see something that looks like a certain object, like a face in the clouds, but it is actually, well just a cloud. So, in all odds, this is just a rock that looks like a squirrel because the surface of Mars wouldn’t be able to support the life of a rodent.

It’s okay though, if you choose to go on believing it’s a rat, we won’t judge you. Would be pretty awesome to discover the first life form in space.

Jason Pollak x TatWza

Source UPI