Dina Lohan

The most recent Celebrity Parents Brawl has been between between Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan. Although they divorced in 2007 (after being together for 22 years,) the two parents of Betty Ford’s finest have to speak on occasion on behalf of their daughter, LiLo. However, a recent blow-out between Michael and Dina REALLY caught our attention. Hey, I thought they JUST peaced it up? Well, that didn’t last long. Find out more after the jump.

Come to find out, the fight was all taped and is set to appear on a new TV show where people settle disputes via lie detector tests. The show wanted to get this Lohan action on tape SO bad that they paid Dina $50,000 just to have this… rather personal argument between her ex-husband in regards to their daughter’s well-being, cheating (ouch), and other “we were married and now we’re divorced” issues that I’m sure are common.

The Long-Island home is on the verge of foreclosure, so I’m sure this looked like a golden ticket for Dina to settle her financial woes. Hey– good for her! I’m sure a lot of us would do the same thing for a quick 50K. Just air my whole family life out on national TV.. who cares! People do it on Twitter all of the time, might as well get paid for it. Smart move, Dina.