IFWT_Shane Battier drys LeBron's arm 5

Damn Shane Damn! LMAO!!! Fans are having a ball with this video! A little bad play and this is what Shane Battier has been reduced to?! SMH. It’s just so random.
I had to laugh when I saw this though – Hey, at least he’s still contributing to the team. Lol. Check out the video after the jump…



Via Deadspin:

During the regular season, Shane Battier was a key cog in the Miami Heat’s small-ball offense. His willingness to guard bigger power forwards and his ability to cause matchup problems on the offensive end with his three-point shooting were big factors in the Heat’s success. But his inability to guard David West and his cold shooting rendered him useless during the Heat-Pacers series, and he didn’t see a minute of game action in last night’s Game 7. But he managed to contribute in other ways!