I am sorry, but this has to be one of the most ignorant dudes in sports. The only thing Josh Brent of the Dallas Cowboys has to do to stay out of jail is not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana. Literally that is all he has to do to be a free man and this dude doesn’t seem to value his freedom. This is the same man who is currently free on $100,000 bond after being charged with Vehicular Manslaughter back in December. He was driving drunk when he lost control of his car and killed his teammate and long time friend Jerry Brown. Prosecutors are now asking his bond be revoked and he be sent back to prison to await his trial. What is the reason you ask? He failed a drug test for marijuana just a few weeks ago. Under normal circumstances, a player failing a drug test, especially a player like Brent who anyone barely knows, wouldn’t even be a big deal or news. But when your alive and breathing and the team that drafted you has stood behind you, but meanwhile someone is dead as a result of your ignorance, things change. Last month he reportedly failed an alcohol test that tests if he has been drinking before he can start his car. He has to blow into a device that is attached to his ignition before he tries to drive anywhere. According to Brent’s camp, the device had been malfunctioning. But now with the failed drug test, it is probably safe to say that alcohol device was working fine. Part of his being free on bond is he must stay away from alcohol and drugs. In the end he will have nobody to blame but himself. Check the video after the jump.