BadGalRiRi makes it no secret that she likes to party. However, are her party-girl ways getting out of control? Well, apparently fans in Antwerp, Belgium thought so when RiRi showed up more than two hours late for her Diamonds World Tour concert. Hit the jump to hear possible reasons as to why Rihanna was tarde for the party this time.

We all know party-girl RiRi is no stranger to the club scene. However– she cannot be out all night when she has sold out shows to perform at the next day. Fans are accusing Robyn of being late because apparently she was out the night before until 4 a.m. getting her drank and smoke on. They even accused the entertainer of lip-syncing throughout the whole concert.

Journalist Sasha Van Der Speeten of the Standaard newspaper asked Rihanna in her review on her concert “how f*****g lazy and complacent can you get, girl?”

Riri– it is time to get it together, girlfriend.