Nervous frequent flyers are breathing a sigh of relief to hear that the Transportation Security Administration has decided to change their plans to allow pocket knives and other unwanted items on planes. An angry uproar from partners, unions, and the travelling public pressured the TSA to cave in. They were not only going to allow pocket knives, but also baseball bats, golf clubs and a few other crazy banned items. Read more after the jump…..

The most confiscated item at TSA checkpoints are pocket knives; they felt that these small knives are less terrorizing to an aircraft and is directing attention away from greater threats, like bombs.
Since 9/11, on-board and on-ground security has been heightened significantly with things like increased scrutiny on the security line and reinforced cockpit doors serving as guards against those who would try to hijack a plane. At this point, the TSA may have thought pocket knives are the least of their worries.
The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions applauded the TSA’s decision to switch up their unpopular plans. They remind the TSA that besides large-scale terrorist attacks, the safety of the passengers and aircraft crew must be protected as well.

Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississipi approved the decision to return small knives back into the prohibited items list. He insinuates that “common sense” was bound to kick in after implementing such a reckless policy.