Smoking alcohol??
People are always finding new ways to do things. Well, viewers on Youtube and internet surfers recently found out that you don’t have to drink alcohol to get drunk. However, how safe is this new innovation?

Tat Wza

How necessary is it to smoke alcohol instead of drinking it? By vaporizing alcohol or using unique devices, people can inhale beer, wine, vodka, rum, or whatever other alcohol beverage, instead drinking it. By inhaling or “smoking alcohol,” people can cut the calories that comes along with drinking alcohol, and they can also get drunk more quickly. 25 year-old, Broderic Allen from Dallas, said smoking alcohol helped him lose weight, and he also stated, “I looked it up before I tried it and there have been no studies being done to determine if it’s bad for the lungs.”

With new fads, there is little research done, so people that smoke alcohol should be conscience of the potential health risks down the road. All I know is that when I hit the liquor store, I sure as hell ain’t smoking it! Be safe people.

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