Wayne Newton Moves Out.
If you seen National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation, then you’ve seen the massive and luxurious house of Wayne Newton. You may have even seen Newton’s house on television shows, but why would he move out his spectacular estate?

Wayne Newton parts with the multi-million dollar Las Vegas property after living there for 45 years. Newton co-owned the house with a business partner. However, a difficult dispute between the two implicated with bankruptcy reorganization and conspiracy claims caused Newton, his wife, and young daughter to move out of the well-known estate.

No longer in the fabulous 40-acre house, 71 year-old Wayne Newton, is out on the streets kicking stones? Not quite. Newton and his family moved into 20-acre house in East Las Vegas. Newton must be upset, but I’m sure he’ll be fine in his new 9,000 square foot home.

via [Yahoo.com]