Mailing Dog Poop To Pet Owners.
Do you pick up your dog’s poop when you take them to the park or for a walk?? If you don’t pick it up, then it’s feasible that your dog’s feces can be mailed to you!

In a small town in Spain called Brunete, dog feces are being mailed to owners who do not have the courtesy to pick it up at the dog park. Volunteers find out the name of the pet and the species, and they are able to find out the owner’s address through the pet database. The fecal matter is then scooped up and mailed to the owner’s doorstep in a box labeled Lost Property!

147 boxes of dog turds have been shipped back to owners so far! This story is ridiculous! The funniest part of this is that the town states that “unwanted dog drops” have declined 70 percent since the start of this campaign!

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