Let me be VERY clear and start with this, it’s NEVER ok to hit a woman.  What happens though if the woman is the one that started sh*t???  NFL baller Adam “Pacman” Jones took to Twitter today to break the news that  he was arrested because he was protecting himself.  Hopefully she is held accountable for her actions as well.  Find out what happened after the jump & weigh in…



Via PFT:

The football player formerly known as Pacman has done a decent job of staying out of trouble in recent years.

That ended Thursday, with an incident in a Cincinnati bar that will result in Jones turning himself in to authorities later today.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones broke the news of his predicament on Twitter:  *TWEET ABOVE IN GALLERY*

His agent, Peter Schaffer, tells PFT by phone that Jones was at a bar after a Reds game.  Jones was approached by two women that he deemed to be intoxicated, and they wanted to take a picture with him.  Jones declined.

After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range.  So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing?  Stop it!”

Schaffer says that he has spoken to multiple eyewitnesses who corroborate Jones’ version of the events.  Schaffer also says that the police have spoken to none of the witnesses, other than the two women.

“If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they would have investigated it,” Schaffer said of the police.  “If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn’t have arrested him.”


Via TMZ:

New surveillance footage has surfaced appearing to show NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones bashing a woman in the face outside of an Ohio nightclub after she seemingly poured a drink on him.

Pacman insists he was merely “protecting himself” during the Wednesday night altercation outside of a Cincinnati nightclub … and judging from the video, it seems the woman made the first aggressive move.

The footage (around the 1:55 mark) shows a woman reaching over to Pacman with what appears to be a drink in her hand. It seems the woman poured her drink on Jones … and he reacted by unleashing a punch to her head.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2VqzKRCUD