IFWT_IG getting video

All I can say with the success of Twitter’s Vine, FB isn’t having it…Coming for Vine(Twitter’s) neck!! This Thurs(june 20th) it is reported that FB will be having a ‘Mysterious’ Launch event, and the New big rumor is that it will be announced that IG will soon be launching 5 to 10 sec video capabilities. Now My major questions are…”Will this Be actually in IG?!”….”Will in be able to get stuff from your Library, Like IG Does Now?!”….Will you be able to stop/start recording like VINE?!”
I mean we got Questions B…..I guess we shall find Out!!

Tat Wza

I will say this, People will Really like the fact that they don’t have to start over on Acquiring Followers…since they will already have them!!

Feel free to hit me on Twitter if you ‘think’ you have some answers!!!!

Plus Now would be a great time for Vine(Twitter) to take my suggestions of that badly needed update!!!!