Yep, the talk of the NBA being rigged has begun again due to leaked photos of the new LeBron X Low Floral.  SMH. Check out the pictures of what they say & let us know what you think…





Via SlamOnline:

Soon enough, we’ll find out if the folks at the Swoosh can see into the future. They’ve released a new version of LeBron James’ signature Nike sneakers, and inside they claim that LBJ is already a two-time NBA champion (this is a version of the shoe we’re guessing the San Antonio Spurs won’t be rocking tonight).

PerKix and the City (via TBJ):

“A look at the insole of both sneakers reveals a ’11-12, 12-13′ graphic in one foot and ’2 Time Champion’ in the other foot. Perhaps is this a bit of foreshadowing on Nike’s behalf? With the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs going head to head in Game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight, the result may let us know the fate of this colorway of the Nike LeBron X Low.”