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Kelly Rowland had her name rolling off many lips when she released her latest single, “Dirty Laundry.” With the release of her new album, “Talk A Good Game,” she laid it on the table for everyone to hear, and of course assumptions were popping out left and right – one being her jealousy of Beyonce.
I think one of the things I don’t like about artists is when I support them, but I don’t have any idea who they really are…now, here comes Kelly who wants to express herself, and people are taking it for what it is NOT. The, “Ice” singer says that she’s not jealous at all. Hit the jump to see what it actually is.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery! Ms. Rowland has not a thing to be jealous about!

Kelly states, “I’m not saying I’m jealous of her by any means! … It’s so sad that people always go straight to that place [of jealousy]. It’s ridiculous. It’s basically about me going through some struggles in my life while she was doing her thing.” I know that’s right! Tell ’em!