This Is SOOOOO Dope! “I go bwwwwp, cause Sh*ts retarded” -Drake
Did you want to know about Cash Money/Young Money…Do you want to know what Baby’s New Maybach is like, or maybe see that BTS footage of the latest Khaled Video, how about that New Vodka, or Especially when NEW Music Drops…..All you need to Do NOW is go to! Hit the jump for more.

Tat Wza

I LOVE that hip hop is So strong in the digital space now, and we will be getting all of our Official YMCMB material!! Keep in mind this is a lifestyle site, I’m talking Video, New Music, Photo’s, Whips…I don’t know if I can tell you everything you can get on there, cause Birdman is doing so Many Major Moves….only way to keep up is really just go to!!

They just launched, see what’s there now, and Keep going back…..I have a Strong feeling there will be TONS of content on there!!!

*Scroll through the above gallery for a few screenshot!!!*