The Miami Heat didn’t waste anytime celebrating their second straight NBA championship. And why should they? After a long intense season like that, which took alot of dedication and hard work they deserve to celebrate to the fullest and pop a bunch of bottles. Drake got denied access into the Heat locker room after the game, but he made sure to link up with Bron’ and them at club Story in Miami. Check Lebron out on the mic in the videos after the jump and he is just feeling the atmosphere in the club and gets hype to “Pop That” lol. Maybe some other NBA players will take notice that you celebrate and get drunk AFTER you accomplish something, not in the middle of the journey. Danny Green of the Spurs even showed up to show love and respect. For last night at least in Miami, Lebron was truly worshiped as “King” James. Check the photos out in the gallery and check the videos after the jump.


Photos courtesy of BTB