Besides the fact that the new 2014 Lexus IS Sedans are freeeeessssshhhh they are equipped with new state of the art technology that makes it nearly impossible to get into an accident! Hit the jump to learn about these new features..

Tat Wza

The new Lexus 2014 IS 250, IS 350 and F-Sport have countless new safety features but the 3 that stood out the most are as followed. First of all it has a Lane Departure Alert alerting you whenever you begin to drift out of the center of the lane your in. Second is the Blind Spot Monitor, it detects when a car is in your blind spot and your side mirrors will light up. Lastly it has Lexus’s Pre-Collision System which detects both the distance and speed of the cars in front of you and in the even that it thinks your about to crash front-on it flips on the brake assist and get this it tightens your seatbelt too WHATTTT !!! I WISH My Lex had this stuff!!!