So, it’s nothing new…Chris Brown has not, and I believe will not learn his lesson! It’s being said that this past weekend, Brown was in Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim – where he had just got through performing. Deanna Gines says that she was in the same VIP section as CB, and on his way out – closing time – the singer/dancer pushed her to her knees. Gines told TMZ that it was very much so deliberate.
Gines says that she filed a police report and also went to the hospital where they say she has torn ligaments in her right knee, and may have to have surgery.
I know that Chris is a ‘bad boy,’ so people will accuse you for no reason…me being the journalist that I am, I did some research. First – it’s suppose to be her right knee with torn ligaments, but her photo shows her left knee cased. Second – I found some photos that I’m sure looks like this party-goer on a talent search website. Is she acting??? Why would he push her out of no where deliberately??? You tell me what your thoughts are…Hit the jump and check it out.

JaaiR (JR)

Photos are in the gallery ABOVE! Is it her?