Old man find $4,700 and gives it to police.
Frank Yost was biking riding when he noticed a bag with $4,700 in it. He then turned the money into the police, but who’s money was it??


Owners of a Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet are grateful for the surprising good deed of 85-year-old Frank Yost. The Trenton, Michigan man was out on his morning biking ride when he noticed an out of place bag lying on the ground behind a Woodhaven shopping plaza. Frank explained, “I see this blue bag laying there on the street. I opened it up, saw the money, zipped it back up, put it in my basket and came home.” It turns out that it was a deposit bag from Stevi B’s restaurant that was filled with receipts and $4,700 in cash. Frank never had an intention to keep his find and his wife Bertha told him to take it to the police.

The Woodhaven police determined that the owner accidentally dropped the bag and there was no criminal intent. Frank had this to say about the found money, “It’s just what you’re supposed to do. It wasn’t mine and I knew someone would be so happy when they knew it was safe.”

via [Yahoo.com]