Google is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to giving everyone the upmost experience with anything they do. This is probably why Google is willing to pay adventurous people to travel the world to help people at home see what they see from a street view perspective. Hit the jump to find out more..

Tat Wza

Google’s Trekker is a backpack with a 360 degree camera attached to it and its purpose is to help people see the world where cars, trolleys, snowmobiles and buses can’t go. The Trekker recently captured the Grand Canyon and the world’s tallest building. The great thing about this project is that YOU decide where your destination is and the possibilities are basically endless. To sign up for this you just have to give Google your contact information, where you plan on going, and whether or not you plan on raising money for your trip! Where will you Trekk to?