You can stay overnight at this bizarre travel spot.
Taking a boat to this spot takes almost 2 hours, and a helicopter ride takes only 20 minutes to arrive here. It’s 100 feet above the ocean, and it’s 25 miles off of what coast??


Built in 1964 as a light-and-weather station, The Frying Pan Tower is now used for guests as a bed and breakfast resort. This cool spot was auctioned off in 2010, where Richard Neal bought and created this cool hang out. Open year round, The Frying Pan Tower is off the coast of North Carolina and offers $498 per person; which includes three days, two nights, meals, and boat transportation. Also, HDTV, WiFi, and great fishing are some features that attract customers. The fishing is so great that Neal states, “These crazy fish will bite a bare hook.”

Oh, and if you get bored there is also a skeet range, pool tables, and a driving range to hit golf balls into the ocean.

Check out the photos in the gallery to get a better look at this crazy resort!

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