Yea, the Game knows a lil something about the Bloods.  So when a reporter caught up with him and asked about Aaron Hernandez and Hernandez’s ties with the gang — The Game shed a some light saying he’s NOT a Blood.  Check out his reaction…



Via TMZ:

A “Blood” tattoo on your hand doesn’t make you a Blood … so says bona fide Blood member The Game, who tells TMZ Aaron Hernandez is definitely not a member of his beloved street gang.

Game was leaving Tru in Hollywood last night — with TWO giant gold chains around his neck — when we asked the rapper behind the hits, “It’s Okay (One Blood)” and “Red Nation” how he felt about the former New England Patriots star’s connection to the Bloods.

“Aaron Hernandez ain’t no Blood man … n**ga killed his sister’s husband, what the f**k??”

Game says there is a way for Aaron to BECOME a Blood — but it involves being “packed out” by the rapper and his crew.