Andrew Auernheimer

Last year, Andrew Auernheimer who was convicted of stealing thousands of iPad users email addresses is now trying to get an appeal. This week his lawyers, Tor Ekeland and Mark Jaffe, filed a 74 page document to the US Court of Appeals. In the appeal they are claiming Auernheimer did not violate the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because the emails were on a public site, not password protected and accessible to anyone online. The lawyers are also saying that the conviction should be overturned because the law is outdated. Staff attorney of the firm handling his case, Hanni Fakhoury said, “The outdated law has been abused to cover situations far removed from the type of criminal hacking Congress had in mind when it passed the law in 1986.” If the Us Court of Appeals overturn this case it would mark a precedent on how other hacking crimes are handled.