IFWT_Rihanna Twerk

This is the love triangle that never ends. After Rihanna put up a video of her twerking to Drake, a source close to Karrueche has said she spoke about it, and said it was “wasn’t tasteful” and that Rihanna is “thirsty for attention.” Find out what else Karrueche said to the source after the jump.

Sarah Nafissa

Not that Rihanna cares, but Karrueche reportedly told Hollywood Life that “Karrueche doesn’t really talk about Rihanna but she has seen her Twerk video and couldn’t believe it. From her perspective, it wasn’t tasteful at all. There was just no reason for all that. I don’t know. That girls free to do whatever she wants but it makes her look bad and thirsty doing stuff like that.” Do you think Rihanna will even respond to this? Rihanna just does what she wants…as you can see from the twerking video below.