IFWT_smith_howardThe Rockets no doubt just came up!! Dwight Howard could change their franchise for the next 7-10 years. I personally do not think he is much of a player, but his effect on the game just by being on the court is huge. From the sounds of it the Rockets are not done either. Hit the jump for more.


There have been rumors all week that the Rockets were looking at both Dwight Howard and Josh Smith of the Hawks. The two have actually been friends for years, even before the NBA. The Rockets are reportedly looking to trade Jeremy Lin and Omar Asik in an effort to get Smith. If they are successful, they would immediately be a serious favorite to win the west next season. Smith sometimes doesn’t realize the position he is supposed to be playing, but if you add him with Howard and James Harden that is an elite big 3. Talks are very serious as of right now to make it happen.