Prince William & Catherine Middleton

This is crazy! The royal baby is going to be a huge cash in for the British economy. The royals will probably not be selling their child’s picture to the tabloids, but the Middleton family’s party planning business is set to skyrocket. It is estimated that the royal baby fever will bring in $376 million when royal baby everything hits the stores in England. Items such as nail polishes and other souvenirs honoring the new bundle of joy is going to give the economy a huge boost. Party Pieces, the Middleton’s company, has already began a range of baby items and non-royal moms are planning “royal baby showers.” Not to mention, $94 million is said to going to be spent on celebration liquor. Brits will be spending three to four times more for this baby than they did for Prince William and Prince Charles. The royal baby will be making his or her debut any day now!

Julie A.

Source: Newser