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This is just disgusting.  What is wrong with people?!  What would make you want to throw pee at a person?! SMH. Someone allegedly threw urine at cycling champion Mark Cavendish during time trials at the Tour de France today.  C’mon people, you’re better than this … aren’t you?!
Find out what happened along with Lance Armstrong’s interesting reaction to the report…



Via USAToday:

The incident took place during a 20-mile time trial to Mont-Saint-Michel. It’s unclear where it happened, but a team press officer confirmed Cavendish had a substance that smelled like urine “all over him” after the race.

Patrick Lefevere, the team manager, said Cavendish was  ”sad” but “not upset” about the incident. Lefevere said he regretted the incident, but cautioned that it was one bad seed from 100,000 spectators.