Man gets his wallet back after losing it 54 years ago.
After misplacing his wallet 54 years ago, Clarence Van Dyken finally has it back in his hands. So who found Clarence’s wallet and where did he find it??


Aron Schut bought Clarence Van Dyken’s home after some recent flood damage. While repairing the former house of Clarence’s, Schut was sweeping up some insulation and inside he found the wallet. Schut opened the wallet and saw there was ID in it. The name inside sounded familiar to him because he knows his son. Cameras were rolling when the wallet was returned to Clarence after losing it 54 years ago. When he got it back Clarence said, “Well, I’ll be cow-kicked.” lol Inside the wallet were two dollars bills; which one was dated 1935. Also inside were priceless pictures of family and friends.

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