This Is All My Mind at work, working with the facts we know, leaving more questions than answers. George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd Degree Murder, and the Jury(Retarded or Not) found him Not Guilty, But on Thurs the Prosecution asked the judge to consider a lesser charge?! Hit the Jump.

Tat Wza

Apparently Prosecutor said;

State Attorney Angela Corey said after the verdict that she believed second-degree murder was the appropriate charge because Zimmerman’s mindset “fit the bill of second-degree murder.”

“We charged what we believed we could prove,” Corey said.

But The Defense Lawyers thought differently, the stated it was clearly a case Self Defense;

“George Zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense.”

So Should the Prosecutors have looked at the case at the case like ‘Let’s get a Conviction’, the same way they do any other case?!
This is an incredible L for the Prosecution, Should they Not included the lesser Charges with the 2nd degree charges? I mean we’ve all seen a laundry list of charges come at one time, So why just the 1? Not to Mention it took the State 44 days to actually charge Zimmerman, and Firing someone from the office a day before feels awfully ‘scapegoatish’!

Now to keep it one Hundred, after hearing facts like The screaming on the 911 tape actually being Zimmerman, Trayvon Being On top when the shooting happened, It Made me, a Hoodie wearing supporter think twice if it was Self Defense or Not, and If I’m a Black Man, with a Black Son whom may have future racial troubles in the street can think like that, why wouldn’t a jury? But Me still being the aforementioned things, I Mos Def Still wanted this Zimmerman chump getting some type of time for shooting a 17yr old Kid that was kinda defending himself too, after Zimmerman follwed the kid even after 911 told him not to, just because this kid was punching the snot out of Zimmerman, did Trayvon deserve to Die? No, So Zimmerman deserved Some Time, Maybe Not 2nd degree Murders worth But Something!!!

This Is Mostly My opinion, unless facts were stated, or people were quoted, But in the interest of True Justice, we the people Have to start controlling the outcomes, and making the appropriate sacrifices, Or we Will continue to experience Injustice.