Ok…If you’re a Real Bey Fan, let’s not Waste a bit of Time, Hit the Jump to find out the Small exercise you’ll have to do to try and get an exclusive pair of #DjFunkFlexApp/Mrs.Carter World Tour Tix!

Tat Wza

These are My personal Tix….So Yeah you’ll Have to do some Digital work for em!!

1st- You’ll HAVE To Have the Dj Funk Flex App(which you can easily get to in lapp store links at the bottom of this post!)

2nd- You’ll Have To Follow Funk Flex, @DBmediamaven and Me(Tat Wza) on Twitter! (We WILL Be Checking!!!)

3rd- You’ll Have to Be Signed in on the App through your Twitter, and have an App Ranking of under 10, Get Your App points up!(App Profile)

4th- You’ll Have to Leave your Twitter in the Comments on this Post(so we can match up to the App), along with Why you want to see Bey!!!!

5th- You’ll have to Also Register On for Beyonce

*Disclaimer: You Don’t Have to Live In the NYC Area, BUT Travel is On YOU!!!