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This must make Tiger so happy!  I’m not saying he doesn’t love Lindsey Vonn, but to not have the pressure of marriage on his mind has to be great.  Marriage definitely isn’t for everyone.  They both did it and it didn’t work out, so maybe this is the best for the both of them.  Check out what Lindsey had to say about getting married in the future…to anyone.



Via GolfDigest:

She’s happy to trail her new boyfriend around the golf course this week, but for those awaiting an inevitable next step, Lindsey Vonn says marrying Tiger Woods isn’t an option.

“No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone,” the gold medal-winning skier told Vogue in a story released online Wednesday.

Which is not to say Woods and Vonn are unhappy together. In the Vogue story, accompanied by a glossy pictorial by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Vonn opens up about what has become the most scrutinized relationship in golf.

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