A Mexican crime reporter has been found lying in a field in Southern Mexico next to the body of another person. As of now it is unclear if the death is related to his job. Hit the jump for pics and more grim details.

Riddled with bullets, the body of 28-year-old Alberto Lopez lied next to another man, identified as Arturo Alejandro Franco.

By way of the Associated Press, Lopez’ publication stated:

El Imparcial newspaper condemned the killing of reporter Alberto Lopez, who was found Wednesday along with another unidentified man on a street in Oaxaca City.
The daily demanded authorities conduct a thorough investigation and find those responsible for the slaying in a two-paragraph statement posted on its website.
Officials confirmed Lopez’s body was found but wouldn’t say how he was killed or why.
Oaxaca state has remained mostly free of drug-related violence that has affected other areas of Mexico, where journalists have been targeted.
The National Human Rights Commission says at least 84 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2000.

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Jamaal Fisher
Via Breitbart