Nothing like a guarantee from a player who is going to be coming off the bench and won’t be held liable as much as other players if his guarantee doesn’t work out. As if the Nets already don’t have enough pressure on them going into next season after the moves they made recently, Jason Terry decided it was time to open his mouth. Hit the jump to see who else he put pressure on.


Jason Terry was speaking with ESPN New York’s Ryan Ruocco after the press conference yesterday and couldn’t help himself. He told Ruocco “We are going to kick butt and take names, and hopefully that’s gonna end up in a championship” That was just the start. Then he put pressure on Deron Williams and the rest of the team to live up to the hype. “I’m saying Deron Williams for MVP, with the pieces we have here.There’s something in the air here that says the Brooklyn Nets will be the NBA champions next year,” Terry said. If you aren’t at least a starter for a team, you should not be allowed to guarantee anything. My personal opinion is the Nets do not make it past the second round of the eastern conference playoffs.