After reading this story, you will most likely think twice before getting a slice of pizza again. An employee of Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria in New Jersey was caught… pleasuring himself while on the job due to surveillance footage that leaked. However according to the owner of the shop, it was NOT him (or so he says.)

After the owner Giusepp ‘Jersey Joe’ Scire caught a glimpse of the photo that surfaced, he quickly denied that the man in the picture was him. He also claimed that it wasn’t even his pizza shop.

However, Scire said that he “fired two guys recently” and suggested that he might be the victim of an angry ex-employee.

But if that’s not even your pizza shop, why would your “ex-employees” try to do you dirty like that?

On another note… white pizza anyone? LOL

Check the wild picture in the gallery of this extreme pizza lover gettin’ comfy to some pie.