This past Saturday, a Motorcyclist (well, now former) released a video of his very own crash. It went down in Florida (literally!) where the unidentified driver uses his helmet cam to videotape his seemingly peaceful ride. From the video, it shows that he had his attention focused somewhere other than the road, until it was too late. He slams his breaks before slamming into the back of a Camaro. Check out what happens after the jump.

Thankfully, the driver hit his breaks soon enough to actually grab onto the car– which probably saved his life.

He added to YouTube, along with the video, “I went to the hospital and got some X-rays and nothing was broken. I was limping for about a week and a half and other than that I was completely fine. … [And] yes my bike is destroyed and I think ill buy a car next.”

Jamaal Fisher
Daily News