Jersey Shore takes another blow. Or stops blows…but, whatever. Out of Lakewood, NJ –Ocean County to be exact– Jose Cruz Romero-Flores, his girlfriend and several other men ran a network of brothels. He, along with his gang, would sell dreams to unsuspecting Mexican or others of Latin-American descent by promising the jobs as babysitters or house cleaners. Instead, he pretty much held them captive, forcing them to be sex slaves out of his many brothels in NJ, NY, and surrounding states.

Once he brought them to the country, Romero-Flores manipulated their inexperience and lack of local familial networks. Acting Attorney General John Hoffman stated, “They are fearful, and they are vulnerable because of their illegal status, their inability to earn a living wage legitimately, and their lack of a network of supportive family and friends.”

Knowing this, officials urge victims to come forward regardless of their immigration status. They will work with women to get try and get immunity and citizenship.

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Jamaal Fisher