IFWT_Mike Miller 3

Good shooters will always have value in the league even a heavily injured three-point specialist like Mike Miller.  He was amnestied by the Miami Heat after contributing to their back to back championships and now some big contenders are in hot pursuit.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Miller is a free agent after being amnestied by the Heat. He then threatened back surgery to keep teams from grabbing him off waivers and it worked. He gets to pick where he plays and some big timers are interested.

ESPN’s Marc Stein released bits of information yesterday:

Denver has emerged as new threat in Mike Miller chase along w/OKC & MEM. Nuggets have wing PT to offer after Iguodala/Brewer exits

Hearing OKC’s Sam Presti already met w/him. Also: Miller had FRI sitdown w/Grizz owner Robert Pera & CEO Jason Levien

Word is, furthermore, that Kevin Durant himself recruiting Mike Miller aggressively, with Denver and Houston also still in mix w/OKC & MEM

Houston has formally extended offer & Marc Gasol heading up Grizz recruiting from player perspective

It’ll be interesting to see which team he picks.