hospital hacked

If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you know how vulnerable you are. Not only is your health at risk – a lot of personal information, including financial and medical records, are in the hospital’s hands. Hospital employees have near total control over you during your stay, and we trust them to be responsible. The hippocratic oath that all doctors must take does say “Do no harm.” You have to see what one employee did in total violation of this.

Tat Wza

An employee of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, CA, stole private information on nearly 3,000 patients. The hacked patients will receive a full year of credit monitoring, but that won’t bring back the sense of security that was taken from those who were hacked. It doesn’t seem that the information was used maliciously, but this is frightening news for all of us, especially as hospitals and doctors move toward entirely digital records.

Via SC Magazine.