Chicago rapper, King Louie has been in the game for a while, but his name has been floating around even more as of late. Not just because he was featured on, Kanye West’s, “Send It Up” off of the recently released, Yeezus, but because he’s getting sued. King L allegedly set-up a fight between Jazmine Berry and Josephine Conley…to have it recorded and released to add a little bit of light on his career. Hit the jump for details.

JaaiR (JR)

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Jazmine Berry has filed a lawsuit against King Louie (real name Louis Johnson) and Josephine Conley stating, Louie invited her to his home where she’d met Conley for the first time. Next thing you know a pair of sun glasses went missing and it was blamed on her. As Berry began to walked up a set of steps, Conley went on attack mode and the cameras began to roll. “On information and belief, defendant Johnson intended to video record the battery to promote himself as a [Rap] artist and for economic gain,” the suit claims, according to Courthouse News.
Messed up, but what I’d like to know is…why was she trying to save her cell instead of fighting back. CRAZY! Watch the fight below.