IFWT_ Chromecast From Google
Uhhh Ohhh, Is Cable in Big trouble with this one?? Could THIS be the beginning of the End?!?
Not sure, but this is really Great for Google! Hit the jump!

Tat Wza

Ok so as we speak I’m also ordering the Google Chromecast dongle, which Only cost $35! So it’s Not live TV, at least Not in the sense that we know Live TV, I mean unless you can find Live TV on your Computer, Phone or Tablet…like ABC’s App Live option! The Dongle Mirror’s what’s on your device, so you can watch Netflix on your phone(And when you order the dongle, you get 3 FREE months of Netflix, a $24 added value), but when a family member ask you what your watching, go ahead and show them!! Also other Apps can be used with it, AND While using Chromecast, and content is being used on the screen, Other Apps can be used on your Device while Chromecast runs in the background!!
This is the start of TV becoming fully Digital, right now Chromecast is in a dingle, but moving forward it will be embedded in devices directly, and I predict Google will be jumping in the production game, so there will be Original content from google that will be Directly available through google play(moving in on Netflix too?) Down below is Chromecast’s 1st Commercial! For Now on Google Play, But starting Sunday it will be at Best Buy!