In response to a question from an analyst Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said something very crucial that could lead to what Apple’s next big idea or focus may be on. Let’s just say it is NOT the iWatch ..

Tat Wza

“Having something in the automobile is very, very important. It’s something that people want, and I think that Apple can do this in a unique way and better than anyone else. So it’s a key focus for us.” This was Cook’s response to a question from an analyst. Earlier this month Apple granted a patent for a touchscreen-based telematics system that would essentially customize your car console and dashboard. The system features a touch screen that would allow drivers to make adjustments without taking their eyes off of the road. It also mentions the system would be equipped with sensors that would allow drivers to do a number of things such as change the temperature by a simple hand gesture. If this idea is truly in Apple’s future it would be a great innovation and definitely a game changer !