Amanda Bynes

According to the parents of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes, they believe their child is a paranoid substance abuser who is blowing MILLIONS on drugs. They also think their precious little wig-wearing daughter no longer has a home…

Amanda’s parents are saying that she had a total of $4 million in her bank account but has been withdrawing LARGE lump sums again and again. Bynes reportedly took out $100,000 on June 4th, and another $100,000 on July 2nd. Her parents think she blows her cash on D-rugs and other illegal substances.

When they confronted Bynes on going through almost $1.2 million dollars in a short time, she told her ‘rents she “cabbed it” from NYC to Los Angeles, making them believe she no longer has a home.

As of now, the doctors believe that Manda is suffering from schizophrenia but have not officially diagnosed her.