Produce leaves at least 285 people ill.
A stomach bug linked to fresh produce leaves at least 285 ill in eleven different states. Hit the jump for the details.

Brandon F

The cyclosporiasis infection is caused by ingesting food or water that contains a one-celled parasite. At least 285 people have been affected by this infection. The cyclospora parasite is most commonly found in fresh produce such as veggies, fruits, and herbs that are grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The majority of infections were found in the Midwest, with 138 infections in Iowa and 70 in Nebraska. Other cases of the infection, were found in nine more states including Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey and Ohio.

After ingesting the contaminated food, symptoms of the infection include watery diarrhea, body aches, fatigue, vomiting, and cramps. If left untreated, cyclosporiasis may last days or even a month, and in some cases the infection has been known to relapse.

Most people with healthy immune systems can fight the infection without treatment. However, those with weaker immune systems such as older people are at higher risk for prolonged illness.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA are working together to gather more information and investigate this stomach bug infection.