NY banning shark fin sales.
To protect oceanic ecosystem, New York will be banning trade of shark fins next summer. Hit the jump for more details on the future New York law.

Brandon F

The “finning” of sharks consists of catching the wild predators, cutting of their fins, and then throwing their helpless bodies back into the ocean. It is estimated that about 73 million sharks are killed worldwide from finning to meet market demands. Finning is already illegal in the United States and New York coastal waters. Starting July 1st, New York will be banning the trade of shark fins.

The majority of fins are used in shark fin soup, which is a popular cuisine in China. Seven other states have already banned the trade of shark fins which include Hawaii, Illinois, California, Washington, Delaware, Maryland, and Oregon.

Governor Cuomo, who signed the law Friday, said, “Not only is the process inhumane, but it also affects the natural balance of the oceanic ecosystem.”

The executive director of WildAid said, “New York is the last major market for shark fin in the U.S. to close and this encourages China, which has banned shark fin from state banquets, to take further action to reduce demand for shark fin.”

Finning is messed up and just knowing that people are doing this to sharks for profit disgusts me. Hopefully, China takes action with their shark fin sales to protect the animal and ecosystem.