opentable mobile payments

If you’ve ever swiped a credit card on an iOS device using Square or scanned your smartphone screen to pay at Starbucks, you know that mobile payments are the future of retail. Mobile devices have reshaped almost everything we do, and along with making payments, mobile devices have also overturned traditional ways of making restaurant reservations. OpenTable, the largest online reservation service, is kicking off a new feature sure to make dining out a lot less painless. Read on to see exactly how they’re going to change the game next.

Tat Wza

OpenTable is unveiling a new feature that will enable you to whip out your smartphone, pay your check and adjust the tip all by tapping a few buttons. No barcodes, no scanning, no swiping a credit card – you just open an app, pay for your meal and get on your way. OpenTable works with 28,000 restaurants around the world so you can be sure that after they finish initial testing, you’ll be able to find restaurants that accept mobile payments easily.

Via The New York Times.